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Eureka to Yreka (amongst other places)

September 20, 2016

After our sojourn at Eureka, we headed across country to a fine little RV park, (named BigFoot) in Junction City, which is perhaps not aptly named as it is neither a junction nor a city.


Camped in the woods


The Trinity River

We poked around the Weaverville Museum, which is mostly a collection of domestic items donated to the museum – I imagine because the owners no longer had any space for them. But it was fun to see the history of the place laid out.

Next day, we took Highway 3 north, past the almost empty Trinity Lake (which is amazing, since the last time I went past here was in 1999 on the motorcycle, and the lake was nearly up to the road. Now it is a hundred or more feet down).

The road was great until we ascended Scott Mountain, which was, shall we say, ‘technical’ for towing a trailer. I recall being down to walking speed on some of the curves riding the motor cycle, so I leave it to you to imagine how tight the curves are.

But down the other side and through Scott Valley was a breeze, and a completely different landscape of farmland instead of trees. At Yreka, we hit I-5 north and exited at Ashland, headed for Jackson County’s Emigrant Lake campground. We were lucky to find a spot, surprising on a Monday, and it quickly filled up after we arrived. It’s a beautiful setting, but again, the lake is empty.


We took a look at Golden Townsite- an old mining village. Heck, that hydraulic mining was destructive!

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