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Eastward Ho!

September 21, 2016

We headed East from Ashland on Oregon 66, which was pretty darn twisty for the first few miles (but now we’ve done Scott Mountain, it was a breeze). From then on it was high plains to Klamath Falls, and then 140 further east after a couple of 5k feet passes to end up at Junipers Lake RV park, where interestingly, and not remembering, we’d spent a night maybe 7 years ago in another trip to Oregon.

The park has changed a lot since then. It’s tidied up, has decent facilities (including functional wifi and a laundry) and is currently hosting a Lance TC and another Lance TT 🙂 .

We thought of heading east from here, but we decided to leave that to another trip, as it’s kind of high in elevation in that direction and it’s getting kind of cold around here.

Plan B is to head north. We have reservations at LaPine State Park for Friday and Saturday nights, so we only have to fill in for tomorrow night and there are multiple choices along the way.

So we are kind of circling around central Oregon with a view to finding ourselves at Joseph H Stewart State Park on the 7th October for a Lance group hug.

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