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Lost Coast

September 17, 2016

The last time I was hereabouts was in 1999, on the motorcycle. I’d never heard of the ‘Lost Coast’ and completely bypassed it (which was probably a good idea on a sport bike).

Since then, we’d read about it and were curious to see what this Lost Coast was about.

So we headed out to Ferndale to explore further. As soon as we found the road to the Lost Coast, we understood why it was lost. The road surface was appalling! It was like it was designed to keep out foreigners. Even with our stout Xterra, it was jarring for about 80 miles all around the way – even through the Humboldt State park.

But, you know, this place is beautiful. With ocean vistas, farmland and Redwood forests, it’s, according to B, like Wisconsin has been transplanted to the CA coast.





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