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Whilst we’re here

March 25, 2020 Comments off

So, whilst we’re under this ‘Shelter at home’ regimen due to COVID-19 scariness, every day we’ve taken a hike around our nearby neighborhood.

Today, we clambered up to the top of the hill that dominates our little locality.

Spring is here:


You can’t quite see it, but that’s the Pacific Ocean in the far distance.

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To the ‘old’ country for a special wedding

September 30, 2019 Comments off

B and I flew to the UK last week to attend the wedding of my daughter. BA flies direct to Heathrow from San Diego, so that is good.

We stayed in pubs for the whole trip, and whilst expensive, it was a refreshing change from dreary hotels. The first one we stayed in, the Ostrich at Colnbrook dates back to 1106, and has a ghoulish history of murder of folks who stayed here. The full English breakfast included in the price was yummy.

On day 2, we toured the Bluebell railway, which was OK.


Staying overnight at the The Wheatsheaf Pub in Cuckfield, Sussex, we enjoyed a relaxed evening meal.

Next day we headed west along narrow country roads to our next destination, The Angel Inn at Hindon, Wiltshire:


where we chilled for a while until the next day which was Alice’s wedding. A most joyous event at The Gathering Barn at Monkton Deverill.

We don’t have photos of the wedding, but it was a most lovely event to be part of.

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A few photos from our trip – 4th and final part

September 9, 2019 Comments off

After Great Falls, we kind of drifted south and west, staying in such places as the Square Dance Center and Campground in Lolo, MT, and  Elk Bend RV Park, whose camp hosts were the nicest folks ever, talking of which, we have to mention the camp hosts at Kootenai River Campground, who were so much fun and helpful, too.

Anyhow, we were just drifting, which was just fine, headed over to the Oregon coast, and then kind of south. So here are some images from that time:


Erm, it speaks for itself, sorry about that.


This was a really relaxing place by the river in Dayville. South Fork RV Park. The owner was so nice.

Then we headed more west and south and did Oregon and California coasts. Traveled to Pinnacles National Park, where we saw Condors.


a kind of shaky close-up


Wow. That is all.

So, from that super heated location, we wended our way through the obnoxious LA traffic to home.

Just a reminder, you may see all the places we stayed at – This Google Map

Great trip 🙂

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A few photos from our trip – part 3

September 6, 2019 Comments off

After the highlight of Glacier National Park, we continued in a southwards loop in Montana. One of the places we went to was Great Falls, which is on the Missouri River.

Great Falls is home of the US’s shortest river, the Roe River, which bubbles up from an underground spring and then immediately joins the Missouri.


The Lewis and Clark Museum right next to this shortest river has a wonderful tableau about the expedition’s purpose and achievements. Very much worth a visit.

Great Falls has a bunch of ‘great’ waterfalls. The name of the place is a clue. Here are  some photos:

Eagle Falls


Ryan Dam


Rainbow Falls


Then, we ventured out to a state park and discovered a ‘Buffalo Jump’. What the heck is this?

Well, it’s Bison, not buffalo, but whatever – the concept is just completely out there. Young first peoples would be trained to wear a bison hide, and pretend to be a young bison, and long story short, try to persuade a herd of bison to leap to their deaths over a cliff. No guns, no arrows, no spears, but, hopefully, good eats. Apparently, the life expectancy of the young first person in a bison hide was quite short, but this job was, by all accounts, a treasured one.

A Buffalo Jump


We saw a couple more of these buffalo jumps along the way.

More later….

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A few photos from our trip – part 2. Glacier National Park

August 22, 2019 Comments off

We’re going to take up a whole blog post on GNP. It was probably the highlight of the trip, and had the most stunning outlooks and heart-stopping overlooks.

We took the ‘Red Bus’ rather than trying to drive ourselves on that winding narrow road (Going to the Sun). A jolly good thing, in our opinion, as we could concentrate on seeing things rather than driving. The road through the park, as a whole, was a complete zoo. My opinion is that they should ban private vehicles, and just have the buses. Then, everyone would have some room.

Anyhow, enough opinion, let me introduce you to Lauren, our bus driver and extremely competent tour guide, even though it was her first season:


We traveled from the East (St Mary) to the West (Lake McDonald Lodge) and back, and the photos, which are largely unremarked upon, are roughly in that order.








This photo above is, in addition to a waterfall, a slot canyon.  It is also an earthquake fault.  That slot goes back into the rock for a mile or so!

All so absolutely stunning.

More to come…

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A few photos from our trip – part 1

August 21, 2019 Comments off

We’re back home, now.

Kinda stopped posting in northern California. But we have a few items that might be interesting…..


B is (obviously) on the right. On the left is Gary (pau hana) who happened to be in a different RV park near Susanville, CA. He also has a Lance trailer and is a prolific contributor to LOA (Lance Owners of America). We went for a pretty nice lunch and wandered around the town.


This is Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho.  We camped nearby at Farragut State Park. Day-tripped to Coeur d’Alene (very pretty University city). The lake is sooo long that it goes all the way up into Canada. Got rained on. Not very hard.


This is one of the falls of the Kootenai River, MT. We stayed at a great ex-KOA RV park in Troy (Kootenai River RV Park), and on the advice of the owners…


”’ went on a huge loop north, nearly into Canada along the Yaak River (falls photo above), and back down the Kootenai River in a big circle.


This is a view from our campsite in Kalispell, MT, of the Flathead River. Those mountains in the distance are where Glacier National Park is.


Hungry Horse Dam. Near the western entrance to Glacier National Park. That big orifice is for when they need to release flood water in a big hurry.

More later.

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Where we’ve been

June 17, 2019 Comments off

Here’s a link to a Google map showing where we have been on this trip. Given some kind of internet connection, we’ll try to keep it up to date.

When this post was first written, we were at Juniper’s Reservoir RV Resort, where we were camp hosts a couple of years ago.

We’ve moved on a lot since then….

Happy times 🙂

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Around Sierra City

June 14, 2019 Comments off

There is Gold Lake:


And, along the side of Hwy 49, east of Sierra City:


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On the way

June 12, 2019 Comments off

Extremely shaky zoomed image at the Imogen Heap concert in San Francisco:


Whilst at Lake Solano, we saw beautiful peacocks:


North Fork, Yuba River:



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Van Roof Bars

June 7, 2019 Comments off

A few weeks ago, we ordered and received some Vantech Roof Bars for the van. The main idea was to provide support for one or more solar panels.

I’ve taken a while to get around to installing them, but yesterday, I had the inclination and opportunity. Here they are:


It wasn’t a particularly difficult job, but why, oh why, did they require the use of both 12 and 13 mm metric wrenches?

Not much to add except that they didn’t fall off when driving along today.

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