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Baja Trip. Episode 5

February 24, 2019

About 20 km south of Mulege, you drive over a brow of a hill, and Bahia Concepcion hails into view. It’s got to be the bluest water we’ve ever seen since the last time we drove down here, There have been a lot of bay side developments since then, as well. But there is still plenty of space and cabanas for all.

Not quite by accident (but because we are cheapskates), we are staying at the El Moro Hotel & RV Park, just like we did last time. It’s OK, close to the town center – in easy walking distance – as it is also to the malecon (walkway by the sea). The WiFi sucks mightily, but if you have a cell data plan, there is a monster fake palm tree hosting cellular antennas in a corner of the (small) property.

Last night we stealthily brought into the room and on to the patio, a table, a propane tank, a propane stove, and a small dutch oven. In it we reheated the remains of several meals we had eaten over the past few days: chicken cordon bleu and spaghetti; shrimp tacos; and chicken tacos. By the time we got to the chicken tacos, we decided that we’d eaten enough, so the chicken tacos survived ’til lunchtime today.

Before lunch we went for a short walk to the malecon and out around the harbor wall. There were pelicans everywhere, diving for fish – and mostly failing.

Here are a few pelicans taking a break from diving. I hope the person who owns the boat knows how to clean up bird droppings!


This is what Loreto looks like from the end of the harbor wall.


This is the interior of the oldest Mission on the peninsular. It was actually a lot darker than this shows, but ISO is your friend.


And this is a shot of the Mission bell tower from the courtyard of the Museum next door.


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