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Baja Trip. Episode 6

February 25, 2019

Yesterday, I discovered that the 120 VAC power supply on the Surface Pro on which I am typing this was pretty much dead. My guess at the cause is variations in voltage in Mexican AC. All is not lost as I have a 12 VDC charger and a small ‘Power Source’ 12 V battery to use. All is well.

<Late Edit: The Surface Pro power supply is just fine. I’m guessing it was reacting as designed to poor power supply conditions>

Uncharted territory

We had been as far south as Loreto before. We have also flown in to Los Cabos airport and drove both of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, as well as Todos Santos and La Paz, if only briefly. But never north of  La Paz or south of Loreto.

Our plan is to stay in Ciudad Constitucion for the next three nights, and visit various places in the south central part of the peninsular.

We set off south on Highway 1 which threaded the needle between the hills to the right and the sea to the left. There is much less development here than north of Loreto.

After about 30 miles, the road turns south west, leaving the sea behind. The highway is a bit twisty and turn-y here and for the next few miles, but nothing to worry about. Eventually after crossing the hills, the road goes almost straight as an arrow into Ciudad Insurgentes. As we approach the city, the expected signs of large scale agriculture appear.

Our first diversion is to Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos (PALM). So we have come from shining sea (of Cortez) to shining sea (Pacific Ocean) in about 2 hours today. PALM is famous for whale-watching, and there was quite a crowd at the port, waiting to go out on pangas. Having already done that, albeit elsewhere, we decided not to repeat the experience, although we did climb up to the viewing area to see what we could see. I could see nothing with binoculars around where the pangas were, so I gave up and visited los banos. However, B was working her ultrazoom point and shoot camera and got a most incredible shot from about half a mile away. No apologies for the graininess or shakiness.


Update: Mission accomplished. Weather outside is sunny and 77 degrees F. Yay!!!

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