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Baja Trip. Episode 4

February 22, 2019

We woke up to pouring rain. Rain never happens in Guerrero Negro.

It was one of the purposes of this trip to get away from foul weather, and now, here we are, in foul weather!

Head south, old folks.

Which is what we did. Uneventfully, we’re pleased to note.

Here we are for one night in Mulege. We’ve stopped at the eponymously named ‘Hotel Mulege’ right at the entrance to the town. The WiFi is good, so what’s not to like? It’s a nice little town with steep and narrow roads, and we’ve done some walking around it. Not least to the bridge over the Mulege River:



If you are in the area, the close-by mission is worth a visit, especially if you can go up to the roof. The views are spectacular. There’s also a beach and a lighthouse worth a visit.

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