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Why ‘Seven Devils’?

October 3, 2016

Still damp but not quite the incessant rain of the last day.

So we set off south on Hwy 101 Coast Highway. An easy jaunt into Coos Bay and Sunset Bay State Park. We pootled around the park for a look, and decided to take a gander at Bullard State Park, a little south from there.

The GPS  took us along Seven Devils Road to Hwy 101.  I pondered why it was named 7 Devils, but here’s the thing; if you were on a sportbike, you’d whoop with joy around all those curves.

On arrival at Bullard, we decided to stay there (here) a couple of nights – nothing against Sunset Bay, but it didn’t seem sufficiently different/better to backtrack there.

We took a look at the now unused Coquille River lighthouse:


and marveled at the collection of driftwood near the mouth of the river:


and clambered over the dunes:


Then we went back to the trailer and chilled.

Not sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but that’s OK 🙂

Edit (10/4/2016):

We asked the really lovely lady at the Visitor Center in Coos Bay what 7 Devils Road was all about, and she had no idea, but pulled out her phone and Googled it. Which resulted in a long treatise about the area, but no answer. We asked the equally lovely lady in the History Museum in Coos Bay the same question, and she said it was because of the ‘devilish’ curves on the road.

In that same museum was the explanation that the ‘7 Devils’ represented the 7 hills along the road  linking Sunset Bay to Bullards Beach. So there you have it.

We also went to the Bandon Museum: These folks don’t seem to be able to learn lessons about about having town fires.

On a more poignant note, the guy who filled up our tank in Bandon told us that he gave up catching crabs for a living (and a seriously good living) because so many of his coworkers were losing their lives in the treacherous sand bar waters nearby. Sad reflection.


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