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Water, water, everywhere…

October 2, 2016

Deities, the skies opened last night.

Several problems:

We left stuff outside that got soaked, shoes, mats, fire logs, that stuff – and it took ages and quite some ingenuity to get them dry – involving the use of space heaters and microwave ovens.

The trailer leaked. One we knew about, the front window, and we managed to sop that up OK. The other was new, coming in through the central overhead light fitting, which should be sealed, so there must be some of sealing around the ac unit or somewhere else on the roof that is allowing water to  get into the light fitting. The symptoms were weird. The light decided that it was a nightlight – a couple of LEDs came on in without human intervention. All was gradually resolved when we unscrewed the fitting and dried out the electronics.

Because we’re camped under tall pine trees, what happens is that when it rains, the pines absorb the water, and then, over hours, drop that water in big gobs on to the trailer which sounds like a bunch of woodpeckers playing random snare drum solos on the roof!

We had brunch at the ‘Little Brown Hen’ in Florence, which was really good.

So, the day wore on and dried out a little and we got some nice photos:

As B sez, a little like ballet dancers.


Florence Beach



Florence Harbor


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