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East Bound

October 5, 2016

Leaving Bullard State Recreation Area it was rainy, and continued so as we headed East, following the Coquille River.

We had prioritized things, we needed a place with a laundry (we had a huge load of laundry to do), a place with decent wifi (my Surface Pro needs a huge update), and a place which will allow us to wash all the grime off the Xterra and trailer.

2 out of 3 . The wifi sucks here at “On the River Golf & RV Resort” at Myrtle Creek on the beautiful South Umpqua River:


That’s the view from the back  window of the trailer.

And because the guys here are great, they’ve said it’s OK to wash the grime off. Laundry was fine, too, especially as B. did it whilst I made lunch.

As I write this, it’s 9 pm and *still* raining. Forecast looks better for tomorrow.

We’ll see.


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