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More Haste = Less Speed

October 1, 2016

We broke camp in Lincoln City to light rain, and headed south towards a campground which we visited about a year ago. Jessie Honeyman State Recreation Area, about 80 miles south on Pacific Coast Highway.

We expected the journey to be tiresome with lots of ‘pottering’ tourists (like us), but what was absurd was that a group of motorcyclists (actually, the one at the back of the pack), who seemed unable to go around any curves at much greater than walking pace. An utter embarrassment to my fellow motorcycle riders, this one.

Anyhow, more haste led to less speed, as we arrived at the campground before the previous occupant of our reserved spot had left, so we had to hang around in the day visitors area for a couple of hours, made a sandwich for lunch and then hiked a few trails.

The sand dunes are huge here:


Today’s Lake Photo:


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