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Oregon Coast

September 30, 2016

Today, B is baking more white bread. It smells delicious 🙂

The skies were grey and the temps were in the mid 50’s. Winter draws on!  Spotting with rain, but no big deal.

We took the sphagnum bog boardwalk ….


… to the beach, and by the ‘Smallest River in the USA’, the D River. We walked a mile south to J’s Fish and Chips, and for $6 each we got 2 big pieces of deliciously fried cod, curly fries and a soda. Fantastic! – and this coming from an Englishman by origin, who grew up in post WWII England when fish and chips was about the only fast food you could get.

We drove south to the Devil’s Punchbowl, and ambled around for a little while in the cold wind, and then to Yaquina Head.

There were keen surfers (in the cold wind)….


… and although the light made everything seem a little foreboding, Yaquina Beach was beautiful…


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