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Rain, rain, go away

September 23, 2016

Thursday morning, we woke up to rain in Junipers Reservoir RV Park near Lakeview, Oregon.

No matter, we decamped, and headed north on US 395, after waving at an enthusiastic Lance owner as we exited the park.

It was rainy, cold and dirty on the road and then on OR-31, so the Xterra and trailer became pretty darn filthy.

The rain eased, but it was still cold, and we turned off to where we thought we might stay – Ana Reservoir RV Park, and oh dear, it was just a parking lot with no visuals to redeem it. So, we backed out of there quickly and headed to where we had reservations for Friday and Saturday at LaPine State Recreation Area. There we found a spot to stay in (but we had to move to our reserved spot today), and it was cold. We lit a fire, but that only worked for a short time to keep us outside.

Eventually, we scuttled back into the trailer and its warmth.

Overnight the temperatures killed our traveling Basil plant (but they are only $3.99 from Trader Joe’s), and in the morning it was cold and damp, again. I guess that this is Oregon.

Changing topic. This state campground is wound around the Deschutes River, and boy, is it ever pretty…..


Here’s me, by the river


Back at the campground, we saw a coyote twice just wander into our site and mooch around for a bit. B went and told the camp host, who said that the campground closes at the end of the month, and the wildlife seems to know that it’s about to happen, and they start regaining their space. Cool.

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