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September 12, 2016

It was a longish trek for us to drive up to where we are now – at Brannan Island State Recreation Area. This is near Rio Vista, in the Sacramento Delta. It’s a sleepy kind of place, surrounded on three sides by water, and looking a bit unloved. Windy in the afternoons, but otherwise totally copacetic.

The horror was that we had to spend a $15 toll on a road (160) to go way high up in the wind on a bridge that was a single lane over the water. All my (S) danger alerts got triggered – what if we got blown off the bridge? I hate like heck to be confined to a single lane where there is no ‘out’. Anyhow, white-knuckling it got us through at about 30 mph with a huge build-up of traffic behind us and signs warning us not to pull off. Eventually, there was a turn off and I could let all those frustrated motorists pass.

Things improved considerably thereafter.


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