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Canada Geese and Wasps

September 15, 2016

We had thought about staying at the Yolo Fairgrounds while visiting with family in Woodland.  But, no toilets/showers. No bueno.  Dixon Fairgrounds seemed to have toilets.  But it still was just a fairground parking lot.

So we decided to sacrifice nearness for a better place.  And found what is so far the best campsite of this trip, at Solano Lake County Park.  The campground stretches along Putah Creek (bro-in-law shared chuckles over the Creek’s name).


There were many peacocks and peahens wandering throughout the park, and a peahen with two peababies decided to explore our camp site. Aww, cute!


We took some really windy and wiggly roads today over the hills past Berryessa, Clear and Mendocino Lakes. S hasn’t seen any of this part of California before, and was in awe.

Tonight we’re overnighting at Willits KOA having failed to find our first-choice of Golden Rule RV Park.  We’d stay another night to ride the Skunk Train, but the entire KOA has been reserved for some beer company’s weekend outing (shame we can’t stay for it).

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