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Fauna and French Bread

September 10, 2016

We arrived at Lake Nacimiento late yesterday morning. It seemed fairly empty, and we had a nice sort of isolated spot – we thought.

But it filled up and filled up and by 7pm we were surrounded on all sides. We still had a nice little plot of land to ourselves, though. The trouble was, everyone treated it as a doggy walk. Oh well.

As the sun began to set we saw a deer right close to our trailer eating the only green grass for miles (irrigated). We had spotted a group of deer earlier, on the other side of the road. This one was bold, but cautious, as far as possible keeping out of sight of humans.


We decided to bring the bread machine on this trip, or at least, B did. I was a little skeptical about the weight of all that stuff and whether it would be practical to use it to make white french bread, as the machine can only be used for kneading the dough; the raising and baking must be done separately. We have a really tiny cheapo Black & Decker toaster oven with us and I, again, was skeptical whether it could do the job.

You be the judge.


I made some tuna salad and we had it for lunch as an excuse to eat some fresh baked delicious bread.

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