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Solvang is fake. Sorry.

September 7, 2016

We drove into Solvang to see what was there.  It was, um, interesting.  Unique.  Nothing like Copenhagen.  Frankly, fake.  Pretty, though.  Pleasant to walk around.

The center of town is mostly shops and restaurants.  The museums are a few blocks farther out.  The one we reached wasn’t yet open.

They did have a statue of a young girl, reminiscent of the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen.



Just outside Solvang is Mission Santa Ynez.  Which B has at long last learned is Saint Agnes (to us English speakers).



Lunch at the Chumash casino turned out to be great value, because we have enough left over for supper.  Plus, they have free wifi, so we could update our phones. They do make the ‘self-parking’ visitors take the long way around, though!

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