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Rolling home, again….

September 20, 2015

Yesterday was fun with the Lance folks, with Serge and Kelly teaching us d.o. (dutch ovens), and then the eats and festivities later. The weather was amazingly good.

Sadly, we had to untether this morning (and miss the d.o. grand breakfast).

We decided to take hwy 395 down the East side of the Sierra Nevada range, rather than the more logical Interstate 5, but we just hate that through Los Angeles, even though it’s quicker and shorter.

Tonight we find ourselves in the ‘Tri-County Fairgrounds’ in Bishop, CA. A parking lot, but that’s OK.

Home tomorrow, if nothing breaks.


1PuddingbeforeUpside down pineapple cake before the dutch oven


3MeatloafbeforeMeat Loaf before Dutch Oven


5party Party time

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