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Rolling down the road, Lassen National Park and the fellowship of the Lance

September 19, 2015

Friday morning, at Rocky Point RV Park, it was wet and cold. Decamping, I had to hose down all our hoses and electrical connections, as they were smothered in pine needles and mud. Shivering stuff.

But then we set off, turned the heater up, and all was well. Dry shoes are luxurious.

Turned left on SR-140 toward Klamath Falls,then on SR-39 for a while, and to County Route 91. This kind of driving is what it’s about, especially as the rain had cleared and the sun was beginning to break through. Nice even country 2 lane blacktop, no hurries, no worries (Sorry, Ranger Paul, we had to  borrow that). Eventually we hit SR-299 West (I had to write this – after we went through the little town, I said that we were just in Beiber….. Oh well, let’s move on).

West on 299, it was more of the same rolling countryside, pines, farms, rural California, lovely.

The alternative would have been to head for I-5. I think that we won that debate.

After a brief stop in Fall River Mills for gas and a sandwich we continued to hwy 89 south, which runs North of Lassen, to our destination – the KOA Kampground at Lassen/Shingletown, where there is to be a rally of Lance owners, this weekend.

By now it was sunny and warm (relatively). Our campsite is good and the natives welcoming.

This morning, we were welcomed to Gary’s space where he cooked Portuguese sausage for us with Hawaiian Danish (Hawaii is an interesting place, it has a Union Jack as part of its state flag). Despite this, Gary is a fantastic fella.

After that we went to Redding for supplies. Then we set off for the volcano, Lassen. Recent snow made it stand out. So pretty.

Later, we joined the Lance peeps for a bit of a barbecue and socializing . Fun 🙂




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