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September 22, 2015

Another long drive yesterday from Bishop to San Diego. It didn’t help that most of Cajon Pass was at a standstill, and the usual Adelanto start/stop/start/stop was made worse than usual by road works. Just the presence of big amounts of other vehicles on the highway was strange!

Got back by 4:30 pm. Both of us tired as all heck. Stopped for a few minutes to survey the wasteland that was the newly fumigated condo.

Back into harness. Connect the cooler to power, unload all the stuff from the trailer, shove it where it won’t matter for a day or so. Go get the refrigerator/freezer stuff and put it in the cooler/freezer.. Take the trailer back to storage. What’s for dinner? We decide on a shared take-out Shrimp dinner from Sombrero. Get that. Bring it home.

That’s it. We’re bushed. Nothing else gets done.


Tow vehicle mileage: 7022

Trailer mileage: 4260

Gallons of fuel used: 421.4

Cost of that fuel: $1260.73

Average mpg: 16.7

Where to next?

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