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I don’t want to buy the machine, I just would like you to tell me what the code is!

September 16, 2015

It rained. It was/is cold. What shall we do? Slightly forlornly, we set out to do a circuit of Lake Klamath (allegedly, the biggest freshwater lake west of the Rockies).

Well, it soon turned into a different mission, as the “Check Engine’ light came on.

As an aside, we’d had a couple of times when we got a message about the fuel cap not being on tight (darn OR rules about not being able to self-service fuel!), but that was a plain text message, which was easy to clear.

We have an OBD-II reader at home, which is not much help here, of course.

So we decided to go to Klamath Falls, see if we could find a dealer that would tell us what the magic code was. (I suspected a clogged air filter, as we’d been through a lot of dust).

At Klamath Falls, we discovered that there wasn’t a Nissan dealer, so we tried the next best, a Toyota dealer – Lithia. We asked about hooking up their reader to get the diagnostic code, and the quote was $89.95, and could we leave the car with them, they might be able to fit it in today. I thought the title of this post, went across the street to Napa, and bought an OBD-II reader for $82.39, plugged it in, read the code, looked that up on the internet, and hey, guess what, loose gas cap! We hit the red button to clear the error, made sure the gas gap was tight. No more ‘Check Engine’ light.

We were looking for Starbucks, and saw one in a Haggens Grocery. Haggens Grocery has just gone bust and everything was on sale (and the Starbucks was closed). However, I did use the men’s room, and noticed that someone had written in felt-tip pen, on the toilet paper dispenser: ‘Haggen Business Plans’. I laughed out loud.

The rain eased off later, so we swabbed down the trailer and the Xterra, B did laundry, and I made bolognese to go with some spaghetti that I’m just about to prepare.

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