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Where can one get Christmas crackers in San Diego?

November 28, 2009

Christmas crackers are a long time UK tradition at this time of year. Fact is, most Americans have never heard of them.

Basically, they’re a long paper tube with a couple of constriction points, a chemical and very tiny firecracker, and they contain a little novelty, a paper hat and a ‘motto’ – a little like a fortune cookie.

In the past we had got them from Shakespeare’s on India Street, but when we went there on Friday, they were all hugely expensive, like $20.00 and more for a dozen.

Also in the past we’d noted that you could get them from Cost Plus (World Markets), so when we went to the mall at 4S Ranch we took a look. No crackers.

Well darn, we’ll just have to use the tiny ones we already have stocks of.

Shame that Linens and Things has closed in this recession.

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