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Freeway or not?

November 30, 2009

Let’s be clear, I have some foibles. One of them is that I don’t like heights. It used not to be a problem, I’d be happy as a clam on a suspension bridge, swinging away so that others lost their lunches.

But now, not so much. I’ve been told that hypnosis could solve that problem, and I’m sorely tempted to follow that up.

But, today it was Freeways. I headed over to J’s house on the motorcycle, the plan being to have lunch at that great Thai restaurant at the northern extent of India Street, after picking up Br., in Clairemont.

So we hurtled down I-15 and onto SR-163, to take SR-52 to I-5, and then off at Balboa Ave. Then we went south on I-5 to the north end of India Street.

All the while there were cars and trucks whizzing by at 85 mph, and all I want to do is get to my destination. Let’s be clear, I have no problem with the 85 mph, my problem is that these jerks seem to want to use their cages as ‘weapons’ to ‘nudge’ me out of their intended path.

It really is like that: folks in cars and trucks seem to want to sideline anyone on a motorcycle as if they don’t count. Can you say murderous?

So, on the way back, I took the surface streets. Balboa to Kearney Mesa and Black Mountain Road. Relative bliss.

Question to all you car and truck drivers out there: Do you realize how threatening your behavior is to motorcycle riders?

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  1. prehistoricminiman
    February 11, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    I see so many “cyclists” doing dumbass stunts on the interstate all the time. And you’re a single guy , right? As far as I’m concerned, the only people who should ride motorcycles with a clean conscience are single people. Cycles are dangerous and drivers can’t see them coming. Anyone with a family or even just a significant other whose zipping around on one of these motorcycles is an extremely selfish, emotionally stunted terminal adolescent.

  2. S.
    February 16, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    No I’m not single.

    I don’t do dumbass stunts on the interstate any of the time.

    As far as I’m concerned, your opinions about who should be allowed to ride motorcycles has about as much merit as your opinion about the personal qualities of those who ride a motorcycle without your seal of approval.

    What an idiot. I’ve been riding a motorcycle for decades, and let me tell you, I’m a much safer *car* driver for the experience. If all motorized vehicle operators had to ride a motorcycle around for a week in order to get a drivers license, then we’d all be safer drivers. Why? Because you have to be safe to survive on a motorcycle, and have to ride cautiously, as though they *are* all out to get you. In general, my experience of car drivers in the USA is that they are under-trained, lack any sense of situational awareness, have lousy habits (lack of signaling, erratic lane staying and changing just for starters) and generally disregard the interests of anyone but themselves. That’s my opinion.

    You can’t see motorcycles? Try using your mirrors and looking around you when you are driving. Or is that cell phone call more important? As the immortal poster reads: ‘Get a brain, morans’

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