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Thanksgiving – a food overload

November 27, 2009

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get one or more of my friends and their families to join us at Thanksgiving, but it’s a cultural thing, only family will do.

Last year, we helped out at the equivalent of a soup kitchen, but B. was reluctant to do so again, it turns out, by her own admittance, because the eight hours or so of social exposure was just too much.

So, we were on our own.

Ordinarily, I am accustomed to grabbing a 3 lb frozen turkey breast from our local supermarket, and whacking it into a crockpot for about three hours or so to make material for lunch turkey sandwiches for the bride. Way better than the slimy sliced turkey from the said same supermarket.

So, this time I used the same tekneek, but with added root vegetables. Roasted sweet potato, carrot and parsnip, together with the onions I had added to the crockpot, as well as sauteed leeks and microwaved beets. The apple smoked bacon over the turkey breast imparted a slightly smoked flavor to it.

Oh, and Yorkshire pudding (pop-overs, to the unwashed).

And sausage stuffing and Paxo sage and onion stuffing with added ground pecans (this was a disappointment).

We ate about a quarter of it.

So now we have pie 🙂


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