Three Corners

May 24, 2017 Comments off

Today, we tried to find the intersection of California, Oregon and Nevada.

We went south on 395 from Lakeview, dropped by the Goose Lake Oregon State campground to take a look, then went south and missed the turning to Fort Bidwell. Back-tracking, we got on it.

After a few serene miles the road turned gravel, and kicking up some dust, we found the ‘Fandango Pass’, which led us to a precipitous, switchbacky, way down to the dry lake on the Eastern side of the Warner Mountain range.

Heading north from there to Fort Bidwell, we wondered how anyone around here buys their groceries, it’s so far from anywhere.

Heading North East, after miles and miles of gravel roads (Modoc County Roads 5 and 1), we hit the border of CA and OR:


At this point, we tried putting in the location of the 3 state junction of CA, OR and NV to the GPS. Yep, it said, you can go down this farm track to get to the ‘3 corners’ point on someone’s private land about a mile east from where we were,

Good judgement prevailed.

So, then we headed north on the gravel road, to hit asphalt about 10 miles later to the small town of Adel, then west on OR 140, following Deep Creek for some miles to encounter the Deep Creek Falls


Special Day 🙂

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Old Perpetual

May 23, 2017 2 comments

Well, it’s certainly not Old Faithful, but it’s kind of cute, a mile or so north of Lakeview. Every 90 seconds.


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Mexican Invasion

May 21, 2017 Comments off

Last night we had 3 welcome guests who were born in Mexico – Victor (good pal of ours), and his pals from Med school, Arturo and Homero. 2 general surgeons and a neurosurgeon – a good time to get ill!

They arrived on their motorcycles, we fed and housed them for a night and then they were on their way south:


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Rainbow over Junipers Reservoir

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When Japan bombed the USA

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So, we set off west to explore a bit hereabouts.

To Drews dam, which is the dam of the huge Drews reservoir; a cooperative effort by local farmers.

Then back to highway 140 west, and stopped for lunch in Bly, a small town. Probably needless to say, the little cafe/diner we visited was selling Trump merchandise. That’s the way it is around here.

Anyhow we discovered that, during the second world war, the Japanese had sent bombs aloft on balloons, and employing the jet stream, attempted to create havoc in the Pacific North West, hoping to cause forest fires and such.

This tactic wasn’t terribly effective, except in one case, where a Sunday School picnic outing was wiped out near Bly, Oregon. 6 folks died, including the wife of the local minister. Wikipedia

Here are a couple of photos:



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Junipers Reservoir RV Resort

May 14, 2017 Comments off

We arrived here at Junipers on the 30th April, ready to take up duties as camp host. With just a day of briefing, we took over on Tuesday, 2nd May! To be fair, our mentors Glenn and Caite stuck around pretty much the whole week to dig us out of several holes we created for ourselves.

Here are some photos of the place, mostly sans RV’s (early in the season). Freaking gorgeous.

Glenn & Caite’s Truck Camper is on the right. Our little trailer is in the middle.



View to the East, and the Junipers Reservoir itself


Evening view of the empty campground


View from our trailer


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Journey, continued

May 11, 2017 Comments off

We have no pictures of the rest of the journey to Lakeview, OR, but a few comments about it may be amusing:

We woke up to a furious  dust storm in Death Valley, so we headed out as soon as we could. West, up the hill to Beatty, NV, a long climb with strong winds from the North, but at least we got out of the dust.

From Beatty, we headed North on Highway 95. into the nightmare headwinds from hell. Fueling in Tonopah, we calculated that our fuel usage had dropped to 6.5 mpg!! This stretch was not particularly uphill, but it felt like a 10% grade all the way due to the winds. For reference, our mpg almost never drops below 12.

Things (relatively) calmed leaving Tonopah, and we got to our overnight destination in Hawthorne, NV – Whiskey Flats RV park – which was pretty good for an overnight stop.

Next day, the winds had died and we had an easy time, north to Fernley, NV via Alt 95, and then back onto Hwy 395 in Reno – what the heck is this – Big City! The last overnight stop was at the Days End RV park in Standish, CA, which was actually very good indeed.

Next day, Sunday, 30th April, we got back in the saddle one last time and headed North again. The landscape became more and more pastoral, leaving the desert behind.

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