Lava Beds National Monument

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Yesterday, we went West over the hills, through the small town of Bonanza, dropped down into California and the  Lava Beds National Monument, which is, in summary, lots of lava and lava tubes (caves).  It’s the remains of what was once the biggest of the Cascades volcanos. And it is in a beautiful setting overlooking the plains. It has a small campground which we would be very happy to stay in, too.

Lava Beds


The first cave we encountered resembled a pair of eyes


The next one was bigger and blacker and colder (and a little bit green)


Next was ‘Skull Cave’ – awesomely huge


Neat flowers and butterflies along the way


Here’s me climbing down into a cave


And here’s B looking down on me in the cave


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In Oregon, everywhere that’s interesting is at the end of a long, washboarded, dirt road.

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Like the hart mountain national antelope refuge. And almost everywhere we’ve been this trip.

It makes for a dusty vehicle – one wonders whether using the windshield wipers will grind a pattern into the glass because dust – but also for views like this:



coming down from Hart mountain

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Crack in the ground

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Well, there it is, north of Christmas Valley, OR (it wasn’t Christmas, and this isn’t a valley!), down a 7 mile long dirt road with the worst washboard ever experienced, a 2 mile long fissure in the ground. B sez it’s a fault line, but I marveled about how much force would be required  to break this rock.


There was water erosion, too. Very pretty.


Check it out for yourselves at Google Maps

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Brazen as you like!

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This little lady just walked into the RV park, had a nice meal, ambled between the RV’s, and just walked on out again.

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Stuff hereabouts

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In the RV park here at Junipers, there are many bird boxes, pretty much one for every couple of RV sites. Many of them are occupied by swallows, which are pretty entertaining birds, wheeling and gliding and dive-bombing.

The one next to the ‘office’ is occupied by some blue-hued bird, whose behavior is very like the swallows, but whose plumage is much prettier.


Today we took the park truck, an ancient Chevy S100, for a drive to Lower Cottonwood Lake, which is actually a big reservoir in the middle of nowhere. No wonder they named it Lake County.


Tonight we ate a fresh trout, caught by our co-camp hosts, right here in Junipers reservoir. Yummee, indeed.

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Abert Rim

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Yesterday, we toddled off to have a look at the Abert Rim, an up to 2,000 foot cliff that runs for many miles, just north of here on US 395.abertrim

Well, there it is. You can get some idea of scale from the tiny farmhouse nestled way up close to the base of the rim.


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Three Corners

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Today, we tried to find the intersection of California, Oregon and Nevada.

We went south on 395 from Lakeview, dropped by the Goose Lake Oregon State campground to take a look, then went south and missed the turning to Fort Bidwell. Back-tracking, we got on it.

After a few serene miles the road turned gravel, and kicking up some dust, we found the ‘Fandango Pass’, which led us to a precipitous, switchbacky, way down to the dry lake on the Eastern side of the Warner Mountain range.

Heading north from there to Fort Bidwell, we wondered how anyone around here buys their groceries, it’s so far from anywhere.

Heading North East, after miles and miles of gravel roads (Modoc County Roads 5 and 1), we hit the border of CA and OR:


At this point, we tried putting in the location of the 3 state junction of CA, OR and NV to the GPS. Yep, it said, you can go down this farm track to get to the ‘3 corners’ point on someone’s private land about a mile east from where we were,

Good judgement prevailed.

So, then we headed north on the gravel road, to hit asphalt about 10 miles later to the small town of Adel, then west on OR 140, following Deep Creek for some miles to encounter the Deep Creek Falls


Special Day 🙂

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