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A few photos from our trip – part 3

September 6, 2019

After the highlight of Glacier National Park, we continued in a southwards loop in Montana. One of the places we went to was Great Falls, which is on the Missouri River.

Great Falls is home of the US’s shortest river, the Roe River, which bubbles up from an underground spring and then immediately joins the Missouri.


The Lewis and Clark Museum right next to this shortest river has a wonderful tableau about the expedition’s purpose and achievements. Very much worth a visit.

Great Falls has a bunch of ‘great’ waterfalls. The name of the place is a clue. Here are  some photos:

Eagle Falls


Ryan Dam


Rainbow Falls


Then, we ventured out to a state park and discovered a ‘Buffalo Jump’. What the heck is this?

Well, it’s Bison, not buffalo, but whatever – the concept is just completely out there. Young first peoples would be trained to wear a bison hide, and pretend to be a young bison, and long story short, try to persuade a herd of bison to leap to their deaths over a cliff. No guns, no arrows, no spears, but, hopefully, good eats. Apparently, the life expectancy of the young first person in a bison hide was quite short, but this job was, by all accounts, a treasured one.

A Buffalo Jump


We saw a couple more of these buffalo jumps along the way.

More later….

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