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Baja Trip. Episode 13

March 8, 2019

13 is a good number, not.

Today is Friday.

On Tuesday, we left Mulege, and looked at the motel options in Vizcaino, settled on one, and then set off back along the road to try to see Mission San Francisco de la Sierra. We got about 20 km along a paved road that went way up high in the hills until it fizzled out into a bright red mud dirt road. No way were we going to drive along that. Back we went.

Wednesday, after overnighting in Vizcaino, we took the road to Bahia Tortugas. It’s a long road, with not much to look at. When we got to our destination, we felt that it was a place with a great future behind it. So, we drove back and stayed at the Halfway Inn (no joke) on the 28th parallel just north of Guerrero Negro. From the hotel, one can see that the old Federales checkpoint has lost both its huge ironwork eagle and its huge Mexican flag. What’s up with that?

The bank (Bancomer) ATM refused to let us have any pesos – the same ATM that gave us some, last time through.

Thursday, we had decided to spend a couple of nights at Bahia De Los Angeles. It turned out not to be, as all the hotels were booked for some racing event. Filled up with gas at the local Pemex – they wouldn’t take a credit card, thus eating into our dwindling pesos at $4.50 a gallon! Back we tracked to Mex 1 and pulled off at the La Pinta hotel at Catavina. $70 a night and 30 pesos an hour for wifi. No cell signal. Got us by the short and curlies. But, oh well, at least they take credit cards 🙂

We shelled out the 30 pesos, and at least got ourselves places to stay for Friday and Saturday.

Later, the day redeemed itself, somewhat, as the food in the hotel restaurant was delicious. B had enchiladas de camarones and I had tacos barbacoa.

Today, Friday morning, we turned off Mex 1 to take a look at the old marble mine – El Marmol – and got about 1 km along the dirt road only to calculate that the 30 km return journey would take us more than 2 hours at our current rate of progress. We weren’t that interested in a non-working marble mine.

Looking forward to episode 14, as numero 13 wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

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