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Van Mods part 2

March 19, 2018

Here are some photos of the partition, shelving and flooring supplied by Commercial Van Interiors:







Here is a photo of the Tekkonsha Prodigy P3 brake controller that I attached to the removable fuse cover. That way, if/when we sell the van, we can just get another cover for a perfect finish.


We got some Cordura seat covers for the driver and passenger seats:


Most recently, we had San Diego Trailer Supply (great folks) install a ‘house’ (auxiliary) battery with a custom fabricated bracket attached to the vehicle frame underneath the van (thereby avoiding venting issues), hooked up a solenoid so that this new battery can be kept charged via the vehicle alternator when the engine is running, and they ran cabling across the underside of the van to emerge by the side door.

In this picture you can see the custom fabricated battery mount and the associated fuses:


They also installed a roof vent with a built-in fan for us to wire up to the newly installed batttery.



We’ve spent the last couple of weeks installing a ‘power center’, comprising a positive and negative bus for power distribution, a 20 amp PWM solar panel controller, a switch box to allow us to switch on and off things like the afore-mentioned vent fan, and a combination 3x ‘cigarette lighter’ sockets and 4x USB power outlets.


In addition, we’ve started out to load the cargo area with all the stuff we’ll need – too much to list – but we found some great containers that are a tight interference fit for our shelves.

B also found some ‘hanging pouches’ which seem to be a great idea for keeping small things handy. Attached with Command Hooks:


So, we’re nearly over the hurdles for all of the needs. Two major things remain – adding insulation and some sort of covering for the walls and ceiling to make the van more comfortable in inclement temperatures.

But, at least, we’re now ready for camping. Yay!

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