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Van mods part 1

February 23, 2018

Well, we just got started on modding the new van. Basic principles are to keep it capable of doing anything that the original van can do, from hauling motorcycles to moving house, and still make it able to be camped in.

So, a light touch is it.

So far, we’ve had Commercial Van Interiors add new rubber flooring and the rails for Adrian Steel shelving, which shelves we installed ourselves. We also had them install a stout partition between the front seats and the rear of the van, in case of disaster and things were flying around in the back of the van.

We added a dash cover. And a Tekonsha P3 brake controller for the trailer.

Then there’s a whole raft of Amazon purchases – sleeping bags, levelers, cookware, and on and on, to make the thing habitable.

Plus, I mounted Hollywood bike mounts in the front of the cargo compartment, and the van is wide enough to have the bicycles mounted semi-permanently there without affecting ingress through the side door.

Most recently, B and I have been fashioning press fit window blackouts from black artist board, and now that is complete and working.

Next week, the van is headed to San Diego Trailer Supply for them to complete two tasks, install a roof vent, and a second, auxiliary, house battery wiring system, so we can run electrikky stuff, like charging phones and interior lights (and our Koolatron chiller) without draining the van’s starter battery.

After that, we’ll be ready for a shake-out trip. There’s bound to be many things that we’ve forgotten to deal with, so we’ll make it close to home.

Can’t wait. Want to get on the road with this rig. Patience, Simon…..

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