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Journey, continued

May 11, 2017

We have no pictures of the rest of the journey to Lakeview, OR, but a few comments about it may be amusing:

We woke up to a furious  dust storm in Death Valley, so we headed out as soon as we could. West, up the hill to Beatty, NV, a long climb with strong winds from the North, but at least we got out of the dust.

From Beatty, we headed North on Highway 95. into the nightmare headwinds from hell. Fueling in Tonopah, we calculated that our fuel usage had dropped to 6.5 mpg!! This stretch was not particularly uphill, but it felt like a 10% grade all the way due to the winds. For reference, our mpg almost never drops below 12.

Things (relatively) calmed leaving Tonopah, and we got to our overnight destination in Hawthorne, NV – Whiskey Flats RV park – which was pretty good for an overnight stop.

Next day, the winds had died and we had an easy time, north to Fernley, NV via Alt 95, and then back onto Hwy 395 in Reno – what the heck is this – Big City! The last overnight stop was at the Days End RV park in Standish, CA, which was actually very good indeed.

Next day, Sunday, 30th April, we got back in the saddle one last time and headed North again. The landscape became more and more pastoral, leaving the desert behind.

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