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Heading North Again

April 26, 2017

The plan is to make our way to Junipers Reservoir RV Resort and start work-camping on May 1st.

So, this is day 1. First thing we cancelled our internet connection with Spectrum, as we’ll be away 4 months. Not unexpectedly this caused all email that used their servers to fail, which isn’t much as we’ve both long ago moved to gmail addresses.

We got to the trailer storage later and hit the road around 11:30 am. We had previously decided to make today a short run, so we just headed up I-15 to San Bernardino County’s Glen Helen Regional Park as the base of Cajon pass, about 110 miles.

On the way here, a jerk cut us off so closely, we had to brake really hard to avoid the vehicle. The 18 wheeler semi truck in the next lane in front of us must have seen the idiot’s behavior, and as the offending car, ‘undertaking’ the semi, got about halfway alongside, and the semi just pulled into jerk’s lane, forcing him onto the shoulder. Yay, vindication!

It’s a good park for an overnight stop.


But it’s awfully close to both I-15 and the railroad.


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