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Trip Wrap-up

October 16, 2016

Saturday (yesterday), we headed out on 395 South towards home.

It wasn’t that we were homesick, not at all, but we’d run out of viable options from where we were.

It was no fun driving south, hefty side winds from the west meant 100% driver concentration.

Adelanto was, as usual horrible for congestion, but at least no worse than we’ve experienced.

We stopped for a packed lunch and fuel fill up halfway down the Cajon pass and set out on the last 130 miles or so to home.

I-15 was its customary snarl-up through Corona (we’ve tried I-215 many times, and it’s always worse than I-15).

The rest of the way was unremarkable, except that the water heater door became detached, and we’ll probably have to buy a new one, as it is rather bent!

When we got to our trailer storage, the lovely lady who fills in for the main guy said she’d been following along on this blog. That’s kind of nice. 🙂


Tow vehicle did 4,543 miles at an average 14.9 mpg.

Trailer did 3090 miles.

It looks like both tow vehicle and trailer are in line for major service, including fixing leaks.

Oregon is freaking beautiful. California remains dramatic.

Where next? Probably south of the border into Mexico.

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