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Edit: Thursday 13th & Friday 14th October

October 16, 2016

About 5 am, I heard what sounded like strong wind, and thought ‘Oh, no, here we go’, thinking that the storm had arrived ahead of time. So I says to B. ‘should we get up and get out here?’. She says, sleepily, ‘No’.

But we weren’t going to go back to sleep, so we got up, and cleared out of there before dawn, on what turned out to be an utterly windless day!

Between Reno and Carson City the sun came up:


And so, on down Owens Valley, we passed lots of fall color scenes like this one:



Long drive up and over the top to Bridgeport and then through Lee Vining and past Mammoth, then off the hill and down.

We stopped in Brown’s RV Park in Bishop for one night. Unremarkable, except that a brand new Lance 1685 was parked alongside. Lovely people, Jeff & Karen.

The following day, </Edit>

It was only a short trip to Lone Pine, and Boulder Creek RV Park, where they put us in the ‘overflow’ lot, rather than the main campground, which made a rather long walk to the facilities.

After a lazy lunch in town, we did little but relax. B. took pictures of the clouds:


Which later became riotous:


And then the sun set – this picture is completely untouched. Wow:


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