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Well, Finally

August 11, 2016

We’ve had this domain ‘oddstray.com’ for lo these many years – and hosted it locally, then  on friends servers and later on commercial servers. It’s been mostly for the purposes of providing a constant email address, independent of whatever ISP one is currently using.

Until a couple of years ago. We had been using dyndns.com for email forwarding, but it started to get crazy expensive. So we moved to NOIP.com. Problem in a nutshell is that they are willing hosts to a bunch of email spammers, so they got blacklisted by our real email hosts, RoadRunner, and email was delayed or never got delivered. No criticism to RoadRunner on this one, as we tried many, many times to get it sorted out. NoIP.com was simply completely unresponsive, but continued to take our money.

But now, WordPress has picked up the challenge, and is our new domain host. All for not very many dollars. Try checking out oddstray.com or sending an email to simon@oddstray.com.

Progress is a relative term.

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