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Long day

September 13, 2015

Up at 3:45 am. Shuttle call at 4:30 am. Arrive San Diego Airport at 5-ish. Disgusting and expensive ‘Yuppie Wrap’ for breakfast. Inconsequential flight. Good book: ‘This changes everything’ by Naomi Klein, about global warming (sitting in a plane; wait, let me think about this….). Fun texts with B when I arrive in Portland, she’s in the cell phone lot and sees the plane land (reminds me: holy heck, the last time I flew was about ten years ago. Now they want to charge you for each breath. Like, yeah, you can watch a limited range of video, but you have to bring your own tablet/phone/laptop, and then pay to watch content. Are they crazy? Why not bring your own content? How hard is that?)

We head out. South. Traffic begins to calm, we’re out of the city. Now where? Florence? OK, via Eugene. Now we need gas, wait, Costco is right there, can we get in, yeah sure. Wait for B to get hot dogs, some guy and gal come up to check out the Lance. Open the door, let them in. Cool.

Onwards to Dixie Cafe for lunch. OK.

Then  OR route 126 all the way down, following the railroad and the creek, so pretty and so green. To Florence. Is that all? Is Florence so small? South on 101 (like an old friend) to the Jessie Honeyman Memorial Memorial State Park.


And, can you say, exhausted.


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