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Hoh and Home

September 10, 2015

September 10th 2015

Sudden change of plans:

Got an email from the guy I (Simon) do some consulting work for from time to time. Turns out he got a new contract, and he needs me *now* to set up a system for it. I asked ‘Can it wait until the 22nd?’. ‘No way, can you do it tomorrow?’. ‘I’m in a rain forest in North Western WA – with at best an Edge connection, and the only way I can even have a dialog with you is by SMS text – so no, you can’t have it tomorrow.’

So we’re in Portland OR, and I’m flying to SD tomorrow, and back again on Sunday. I could have said ‘eff off’, but he’s a nice guy, and we’ve done some great work together since 2011.

Did he know we were ‘not available’? Yes.

Did I warn him that I couldn’t do this work remotely? Yes.

Did we talk about finding a substitute? Yes.

So, bottom line is that we missed a few sight-seeing spots today, which was annoying, but with a the quick out and back to San Diego tomorrow, it doesn’t impact our timeline all that much.

September 9th 2015

We went to the Hoh rain forest. We were short-changed. It didn’t rain.

On the way from Port Angeles, we side-tracked on Hwy 112, which was very pretty, and teed with the strangely named ‘Old Sappho Pysht Road’, which has got to be one for the records.

We checked out the RV Park app, and there were two, apparently located near where the Hoh rain forest NP was. But we stopped off in Forks for some lunch and to check out the museum. Very good, by the way.

It turned out that the ‘Hard Rain Cafe, Mercantile and RV Park’ was the only one of the two that was open, and it was OK, except for no dump facilities. We used. ahem, stealth disposal methods.

It was amazingly warm here and at the rain forest.

Pictures of moss:

1Moss 2Moss 3Moss 4Moss 5Moss

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