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B is the bees knees

September 3, 2015

B achieved a most amazing result today. She self-assigned the task of finding somewhere to stay, not too far from Mt Rainier, this (Labor Day) weekend.

I thought to myself, ‘You’ve got to be kidding, all the Seattle peeps will be out bbqing and partying before the cold weather arrives!’

But she did it, she found a place on Alder Lake, that’s pretty good for Mt St Helens and Rainier. So, we’re set for the next few days.

Today. we left Homedale and stopped at the local lumber yard, where reputedly, they fill propane tanks. Except, they’d lost the keys. There are two words for the guy who tried to recover the situation – incompetent bumbler. The contrast at the Flying J in Caldwell was remarkable. Took about 2 minutes and we were done.

Then we spent most of the day driving north west on I-84, through wind and rain (darn, now we’re going to have to wash the trailer again!) to the delightful Corps of Engineers Plymouth Park campground at Plymouth, WA. Because we have a ‘Geezer Pass’ TM (National Parks senior pass), it’s half price $12 – woohoo!

We decided that we needed some real food, so we hopped back over the bridge over the Columbia river to the little community of Umatilla, and bought some stew ingredients, and I made beef stew. Yum, that hit the spot.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day on the road, but we, at least, have somewhere to stay for the next three nights.

Oh, and welcome to Beth, my boss at San Diego County Parks. Hi Beth <fx: waves>

Pictures follow:


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