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September 2, 2015

Yesterday, Tuesday, we started the drive towards Washington State. B. had phoned to get a prescription fulfilled at Costco, Boise, and I had an urgent need for English Breakfast tea from Trader Joe’s.

We had used the RV Parks app to determine that there were not very many places to stay near Boise, but there was a place in Homedale that was highly thought of, so we reserved a spot.

Off we set up I-84, diverting to Trader Joe’s on the way. Ooops, parking monitor doesn’t like trailers, even though it’s 2 pm on a Tuesday afternoon and there’s plenty of space. Well, then, no point in going to Costco, which might have the same rules, may as well go to Homedale and come back to Boise. The turn from Idaho 95 was on to ‘Industrial Drive’. B and I look at each other in dread. We persist, and it turns out that the park, Snake River RV Park, is right on the river (bug alert!), and really well kept, and with big spaces between RV’s. Good prices, too.

But we had to go back to Boise, via Camping World. On the way, we saw a huge tail of traffic westbound on I-84, the way we would expect to return. By the time we got our bits of shopping done, it was 5 pm, and whilst we took an alternate route back to Homedale, it still took an hour and a half to cover 45 miles. Time for a beer!

Pictures follow: (all courtesy of B)


The first campsite we’ve been to that is all lush green grass, no gravel, no dirt, no pad. And they use a lot of (river) water to irrigate it. This is not some place in California.

2SnakeRiverSnake River from the campground

3SnakeRiverMore Snake River


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