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Yellowstone National Park

August 28, 2015

25th August 2015

Busy day – worn out at end of it. We have a bunch of video material, which clearly works well with the dynamic action of the steam and bubbling and water falls. WordPress doesn’t seem to like the ‘.mov’ file type, so mebbe we’ll have to put them on YouTube and leave a pointer here. Hope the stills work.

1-FishingBridgeFishing Bridge, with B looking on. Ironic that actually fishing from the bridge is no longer allowed.

2-WestThumb1West Thumb

3-WestThumb2More West Thumb
4-OldFaithfulOld Faithful
5-OldFaithfulCrowdPerspective – Old Faithful and crowd

6-BiscuitBasin1Biscuit Basin
7-BiscuitBasin2More Biscuit Basin

8-FireholeLakeFirehole Lake Drive
Firehole Canyon Drive
10-GibbonFallsGibbon Falls
10-GibbonFalls2More Gibbon Falls

Porcelain Basin

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