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On the way to Yellowstone National Park

August 28, 2015

24th August 2015

So, a couple of days ago, when we were in Utah State Park, I (Simon) was looking at the map, and trying to think about where to go next. I’d shruggingly figured Idaho, for no particular reason other than we’d never been there, and then, I saw on the map, that Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park were right there, next to Idaho, in Wyoming.

So I sez to B, ‘How many times in a lifetime are we going to be this close to these parks, with no particular timetable to get home, or anywhere, really? How could we miss the opportunity to go?

So we did, and we are.

Yesterday, we drove North East and ended up in an eye-wateringly expensive KOA Kamp Ground south of Jackson, Wyoming, Which was in a nice spot by the Snake river, but otherwise just workmanlike. They claimed to have wifi, but it was so poorly engineered that it would only work if you stood outside the office on one leg and rotated through 360 degrees every minute whilst holding your device up to the heavens. And even then, it timed out after 5 minutes.

We had no idea what the deal was for camping in Yellowstone was, so we threw ourselves at the mercy of our good friends on the web at Lance Owners of America. In short time we had the web address of the place to make bookings and the place to make a booking for. Thank you guys and gals 🙂 Shortly after that, we had a booking. Yay!

So, off we set this morning. north on 89, turning left on highway 22, with a view to taking Moose-Wilson Road North up through Granite Canyon. Despite there being no warnings, we were turned back as no trailers are allowed. Oh well. Back again to Jackson (congested little city), and then away and on to Grand Teton National Park (drove on right through, will come back later) and to Yellowstone.

We got kind of set up at Fishing Bridge CG (including increasing our stay to four nights), and then headed east to the Eastern Entrance and back, which is where the following photos are from.

At last the air is somewhat clearer.

Pictures follow:

CampsiteCamp site at Fishing Bridge. Although the spaces are quite cramped, it was perfectly adequate, as we spent very little time there.

bisonOur first wildlife photo opp., of which there would be many.

DesolateTreesLakeYellowstone1Lake Yellowstone

LakeYellowstone2More Lake Yellowstone



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