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Bryce Canyon & Kodachrome Basin State Park

August 21, 2015

Tuesday 18th August

Bryce Canyon
Even though it was only 50 miles as the crow flies from the campground, by the time we’d followed the GPS ‘quickest’ route north on I-15, south east on 20 and then south on 89, it was well over a 100 miles to get to Bryce Canyon. Even so, we were earlier than most, and the crowds weren’t too bad at all until much later in the day.

What can be said about Bryce Canyon that hasn’t been more elegantly by others. It’s mile upon mile of reddish eroded sandstone, where the wind and rain, over geological time, has carved fantastical structures. A bit like the Grand Canyon when first encountered, it’s all too difficult to see in in three dimensions, and looks ‘flat’ like a painting. But it’s not, the amazing vista, on a clear day*, can reach up to a 100 miles or so (* today, it didn’t as smoke from the California and Idaho fires really limited the view).

Between us, B and I took well over 200 photos. The few that follow are just a selection that caught our eye. I really wish that I’d brought the 10-20 mm wide angle lens, as the vista was so wide that it couldn’t be caught (not even close) with the 15 mm widest angle of the main lens.

Pictures follow:

Bryce1This photo gives a really limited view of the scale of the place

Bryce2Bryce3Kodachrome Basin State Park

We saw this place marked on the map and were curious. So, after we found accommodations at the excellent Bybee’s Stepping Stone Motel in Tropic, UT, we headed out to take a look. After all the earlier eye-candy, this place seems modest, but if viewed before Bryce Canyon, it would seem outstanding – a lot of eroded vertical stone structures, and, a campground in a fantastic and quiet setting. If we ever get back to this part of the world, this is a place we’d like to stay.



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