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Holcomb Valley

August 17, 2015

Thursday 13th August. Still at Serrano cg, Big Bear, we took a short hike to Big Bear Discovery Center, where we discovered a number of things:

That the ‘movie’ that was on repeat, describing what was outside the center was the lowest ‘fi’ grainy ‘remastered in 2007’ Ken Burns special (a lot of zooming around low quality still photos). The cognitive dissonance hit you in the face when you stepped outside the center.

That it would have been an even shorter hike if we had walked up the road, instead of the very pretty marked trail.

That there was a gold rush a few miles north of here about the same time as the other gold rushes were happening in California, and that there is a network of dirt roads that lead to some remains of what went on. So we picked up the brochure for ‘Gold Fever Trail’ and that’s where we went.


This was ‘Two Gun Bill’s Saloon’. A few logs scattered around, which might or might not have fitted together at some time. Oh, and the real site of the saloon was two miles east of here.


The Grasshopper Quartz Mill. What remains is apparently a water pump and part of a crushing device.


Belleville Cabin. It was ‘moved’ here to exemplify the type of cabin that would have been here if there was one here. I think it was ‘moved’ here from a place that makes cabins, as it looks like it was built last year.

Joking aside, it seems amazing that so little remains of what must have been a huge community.

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