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The start of the ‘Grand Adventure’

August 12, 2015

B was frantically double bagging everything to protect it from the evil ‘sulphuryl fluoride’, the stuff they use to fumigate against termites. It turns out that we are such pack-rats that we had more than a dozen ‘double bags’ of stuff, for dry food, medications, freezer stuff, fridge stuff and etc. and etc.

This fumigation is due to happen some time in mid September, but we were on the point of leaving for a 6 week ‘Grand Adventure’. I’d put the Jade plant outside, as instructed, and some effing person had already purloined it. Oh well, who can you trust?

Anyway, B got it all done, and I loaded the trailer and tow vehicle. Time to pull out all the wall-warts and shut down the computers. Uh-oh, Micro$oft had decided to update my desktop, and shutting it down was taking f o r e v e r. Screw that, just hit the ‘Off’ button for a few seconds, worry about it when we get back.

So, off we set, up the I-15, only to realize that we hadn’t put on our new Aero 2 extension mirrors. Pull over to hwy 395 and the entrance to the Lawrence Welk resort(!) and fix that. Turns out that these mirror extensions are the bees knees – now I can see who is right behind me.

Ponder Nessy Burgers for lunch, but then decide to drive through to our destination – Serrano campground at Big Bear Lake.

Mostly uneventful, except for a weird sway overtaking another travel trailer at 55 mph on the 215. I brought it under control by hitting the manual brake control for the trailer brakes, but there was some considerable ‘pucker factor’.

We were impressed that the Xterra pulled like a trojan up the 330/18. Coolant temps stayed low, and we sort of kept up with traffic.

The campground is just fine


and an easy walk to the lake


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