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On the way home

October 27, 2010

We awoke to a windy day in Vegas, which only got windier as we drove west. Ha! First little tiff, despite being cooped up in the van for days on end. I was scolded for encouraging B. to move into a lane where a vehicle was already occupying it. Oh well.

Off we set, west, into the wind. We are kind of used to it being windy on this stretch, and it was no big deal, just a bit of buffeting.

But when we got fuel west of Barstow, my deity, it was chilly!

B. adds: “After the visual wonders of the last few days, Mother Nature still had something new to show us.” From about 29 miles distance, we could see an odd cloud formation against a backdrop of high hills. I predicted that it was Cajon Pass, and thus it turned out to be.

Road Trip blog ends. I’ll do a wrap-up, though.

Amazing pic from B. of the Cajon Pass clouds

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