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Zion – place of refuge

October 24, 2010

More Zion, this time at our leisure. We did several of the shorter hikes. This park was all carved out by the Virgin River. Its scale is comparable to Yosemite, but there’s no evidence of glaciation here.

Driving south in Utah and across the corner of Arizona. The topography still magnificent. Came to find that it’s part of the same Virgin River complex as Zion National Park. Plucky little river, that!

Farther southwest into Nevada … flat, desert, boring.

We expected to see Las Vegas much sooner than we did. They apparently don’t sprawl like some SoCal cities.

Hunted down a place-to-stay motel. The GPS was trying to entice us into staying at one of the hotels on the strip. But ya’ know what? After the Rockies and Moab and Zion, nothing in Las Vegas could be that splendid. So we’re in Las Vegas, but barely. Well south of the strip.

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