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Camping, at last!

October 17, 2010

We didn’t blog last night, since we really, truly camped. 🙂 (S. interjects, Yeah well, we had wifi, but we also had a campfire and good food to enjoy.) So here is yesterday’s post.

So, yesterday. B started out driving. S had driven across the Newell Bridge last night, way high over the river, in the dark, and didn’t like it at all! B likes high places and was delighted to have the opportunity to drive back over the bridge in the daytime, and admire the river scenery on both sides. S closed his eyes and wished for us to be over the bridge. (S. interjects, No he didn’t, he took a video of the experience.)

We’ve been following the Lincoln Highway, which is one of the first (maybe *the* first?) interstate highway. We drove through and near several old towns. But this is old by US standards, which is new-ish by world standards. Still, it was interesting to see. Until just before Canton, OH, when the Lincoln Highway turned into a soulless interstate. And stayed so, well into Indiana.

B stuck her nose into the map book, and decided that a more interesting route would be to go northward toward I-80 and the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

So we requested of our GPS to send us through South Bend, Indiana. And, oh, by the way, show us a Starbucks on the way. Except, with the recession, many of the Starbucks have closed. So after an hour or so of not finding an open Starbucks, we found one in a shopping mall in Fort Wayne.

To make up for our inconvenience, we took benefit of their wifi connection and called Alice from the mall. Because it’s lovely to talk with her, and because we could. 🙂

Later that evening, we went through South Bend and started looking for lodging near the lakeshore. B had spent her youth living not so far away, but had never yet seen the Indiana Dunes. So we aimed for Michigan City, Indiana as an overnight point.

And to our delight, found both moderate overnight temperatures and a convivial campground. They were having an early Hallowe’en party, that evening, and we dined to the sounds of grownups making silly “I’m pretending to be scarey” noises, and kids making silly, “I’m pretending to be scared” responses. Hooray, camping!

driving away from a weather front
driving away from a weather front

Driving the Lincoln Highway

Driving the Lincoln Highway

Hallowe'en at the south shore

Hallowe'en at the south shore

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