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Moen – praise well warranted

February 16, 2010

We’ve just gone through a phase of repairing some plumbing problems: new water heater/tank, leaky kitchen faucet, broken shower/bath outlet.

Pal Jo helped out with the bath outlet, and pointed out that the shower faucets were sticky and that I should contact Moen, because their warranty states that their products have a lifetime warranty.

I blinked at the thought that these units, which haven’t been touched (maintenance-wise) in twenty years could be rejuvenated for free.

So I phoned the number, and after a while, a delightful customer service person came on the line, and indeed yes, I could have free replacement parts, with free shipping unless I wanted them urgently (what’s urgent after twenty years, next year?). I did not need any proof or purchase (which would have been impossible, as the condo was built with them already installed), and the only check question she asked was whether I was the original purchaser. I said no, but my wife was. And that was it.

A few days later, the new valves arrived, and Jo and I set to and replaced both bathroom valves in about an hour. Now silky smooth, we were well pleased with our work with the faucets.

A few days after that, I realized that the bathroom sink faucets were relatively sticky, but not as much as the shower ones had been, so I called Moen again, and requested a pair of replacement valves for these also. I explained that I had just replaced the shower faucet valves, and that had shown up the fact that the sink faucets were in less than ideal condition. He looked up my record, and without demurring for an instant, he sent another pair of valves on its way to us.

At Home Despot recently, I checked the price of replacement valves from Moen. It was $19.95 each. This means that Moen has saved me $80 because of their warranty policy.

So, I call it out when it’s due. Well done, Moen. I won’t be buying a product from anyone else, if there’s a choice.

Oh, those customer service reps at Moen, have the best job in the world. Just say ‘yes’.

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