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AT&T woes, extended

May 10, 2010

Well, it seemed it was not enough to describe to AT&T the issues surrounding my sister-in-law’s lack of access to her AT&T DSL account since December written last Saturday.

See This as a primer.

So then, I try to call again this night (Monday), and it takes 2 hours to get to a real person. I could supply the transcripts of the ‘chat’ sessions with AT&T, but basically, all it would say is that the left hand doesn’t, isn’t institutionally capable of, talking to the right hand. It’s mind-blowing, it’s like ‘how can we make it the hardest possible to solve our customers problems?”

But then ‘Errie’ comes on the phone, eventually. Nice guy, really wants to solve the problem. Methinks, does this person actually work for AT&T? Eventually, after we discover that the case notes from Saturday have been lost, but the old ‘Trouble Ticket’ is still in place from December 2009 and a new one gets created (why has our problem report from Saturday been lost?), it turns out that ‘Jerrie’ (maintenance at AT&T) knows exactly why my s-i-l’s internet connection has been lost for this last 6 months. Er hem, a telephone tech changed the ‘switch’ and forgot to inform/update the DSL records. Last November. Despite 6 calls from the s-i-l to report the problem, nothing happened.

It took a huge effort on my part to get anything done about this. But no apology, no recompense, no recognition of fault.


They are complete Jerks.

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