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Indian Flats

August 3, 2013 Comments off


Indian Flats campground is an isolated place. About 7 miles North of Warner Springs, CA along a choppy, twisty road, we’d been there many times in the Westfalia camper. This was the first time using the Xterra. Quick comparison: for getting there, there is none, the Xterra blows the VW out of the water in terms of handling, sure-footedness and performance; for ‘style of residence’, oh, we do miss the convenience of the Westfalia.

But here’s a thing, it’s early fire season hereabouts. There’s only one way out of Indian Flats in the VW, because it probably couldn’t cope with the gnarly dirt/rocky road over to Chihuahua Valley Road westward. But the Xterra can, and that’s a comfort thing.

Anyhow, the place was deserted except for us, and it was oh, so quiet, not even aircraft to disturb us. Idyllic.

And brunch at the Orchard Restaurant at the Santa Ysabel Casino for $9.09 for two  (Country Breakfast). Outstanding.

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Keyless Entry

July 29, 2013 Comments off

The Xterra comes with a keyless entry remote control – and a key. Together they are cumbersome, in your pocket, purse, whatever. The Nissan Rogue comes with a combined key/keyless entry control. The Rogue key is on the left in the photo, and the Xterra combo is on the right.

Guess what? For less than $20 each from eBay, you can buy a blank Rogue key, and we paid our local Nissan dealer $100 to program 2 keys to work with our Xterra, and now we have not only the working Rogue keys, but the originals as backups. Sweet 🙂

Attribution: original idea but our approach does not cannibalize the original keys.

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