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Finally out from under that rock

October 23, 2009 Comments off

What’s that bright thing up there? Oh, the sun.

Where is everybody? There’s no-one around.

Oh well, we’ll have to get started on our own, then.

See you around. S.

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email addy ramblings

October 23, 2009 1 comment

So, I’ve set up this bloggy thing for us, and tell B. that I want to make her an admin.

B. makes a moue when she realizes I’ve used her favorite username, so I shrug and say, I’ll change the email address associated with that username to yours, and then you can add me back as an admin.

Not so fast.

So I changed the email address in WordPress, and she got the appropriate email. So I try to create an account with WordPress, and it tells me that it’s already got my email address.


OK, let’s try it the other way around. I’ll revert the account to the original email address, and create a new account for B.

Guess what, WordPress already ‘knows’ about her email addy, and we can’t create a new account for her.

I believe this is called a ‘deadly embrace’.

Sending this blog to WordPress support in 3….2….1…. S.

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